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What Personal Injury Looks and Feels Like

After a motor vehicle accident, your client may or may not feel pain right away. It may take hours, days, or even weeks afterward to appear.

Soft tissue injuries and bruising will be widely recognized first. It’s essential to have all potential injuries recorded by an accident doctor at the earliest opportunity. Other common injuries from auto accidents include:

Head injury

There may not be a visible injury to the outside of the head, but a traumatic brain injury could be occurring internally. Bruising in the brain is a common auto accident injury, which requires prompt medical evaluation.

Broken bones and fractures

Typically, accident victims will feel a broken bone or fracture relatively quickly, and swelling and redness in the surrounding area will set in. This needs immediate medical attention.

Hand and arm injuries

There may be numbness or a shivering sensation in hands, fingers, and arms due to a pinched or pressed nerve.

Facial injury

This sort of injury is an aftereffect of the face coming in direct contact with an object, such as the windshield, steering wheel or airbag.

Burn injuries

A vehicle’s electrical system, its fuel, and even an airbag can cause burns to the face and arms.


Experiencing severe headaches or vertigo is common after an auto accident. This could result in whiplash, a concussion, or a misalignment of the spine.

Knee problems

A torn meniscus or broken patella from contact with components inside a car can cause walking and mobility difficulties.

Leg issues

The impact from the back or front could cause legs to hit under the dashboard. This can lead to tibia or fibula fractures which require immediate care.


Cuts are often caused by a variety of debris during an accident, like glass or any objects inside the vehicle.


One of the most common accident injuries that occurs when the head is thrust forward and backward rapidly, stretching the ligaments and tendons in the neck and at the base of the head.

Shoulder pain

Many injuries can occur in the shoulder, including overextension and sprains, torn rotator cuffs, and dislocations.

Neck pain

The neck is one of the most vulnerable locations on the body during an accident. Pain can be caused by stretched tendons and ligaments, and loss of motion and movement.

Back pain

Back pain can be caused by a bulged or ruptured disk and injury to the spine. These injuries can be mild, moderate, or severe.

Pelvis and leg torment

This injury can include strained muscles in the lower back and the pelvic region, as well as dislocation in the pelvic region and muscles becoming strained and stretched. Bones can also be broken.

Psychological issues

More common in children than adults, the psychological impacts of an auto accident can be catastrophic and may require professional counseling.

Internal bleeding

Requires quick assistance from an emergency clinic.

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